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Are you considering establishing a corporate and branch office
in the United States?
Wondering how to become a kickster?
Are you worried about how to report your income tax after the incorporation?

Complex US corporate establishment and tax issues!
US TAX SERVICE will help you.


Best State to Incorporate


Business tax rate : 0~9.4%
Individual tax rate : 5.5%
Sales tax : 0%


Business tax rate : 5.5%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 6%


Business tax rate : 0%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 6.85%

South Dakota

Business tax rate : 0%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 4%


Business tax rate : 0%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 6.25%


Businesstax rate : 0%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 6.5%


Business tax rate : 0%
Individual tax rate : 0%
Sales tax : 4%

How to Start a Company in the USA

US company establishment procedure

In order to do business in the United States, we will do all the necessary paperwork for establishing a US corporation in Korea

The system has been established in Korea to enable the establishment of the corporation, the taxpayer's annual tax report, and other salary reporting system. You no longer have to refer to a US local accountant. Even if the bank account is in cooperation with the local bank, the system can be opened even if the representative does not visit the US directly.

Process of Incorporation

Set up articles

Prepare Company files

Prepare regulations

Prep. annual report

Issuing IDs from the IRS

Apply for state EDD number

State permit

City license for business

Company name registration

Opening a bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I apply for EIN without SSN? Do you apply for an unofficial channel??
You can apply for EIN without SSN. It does not go through a separate, unofficial channel. After you have completed the SS4 Form, Call the IRS to proceed with the process. This is a formal process.
2How can I open a bank account without visiting the US?
Prior to the 9/11 attacks, it was possible to open a remote bank account, but since then the Patriot Act has made it very difficult for foreigners to open US bank accounts and requires all banks to visit and open. We are in the process of helping you open a bank account through a bank that cooperates with US Tax Service, but you should visit the United States once to open an account.
3When and how do I file Corporate income tax return?
We can make necessary corporation tax declaration, payroll, and stamp business after establishing corporation. Corporate income tax returns are due by March 15th and can be extended for six months through Form 7004. For SIngle Member LLC, please report by April 15.