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November 15, 2017

[Incorporating] Comparison Incorporation-Friendly States Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming

Because the state government sets state taxes, the tax preference policy for attracting businesses varies from state to state. Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming have the most business-friendly policies in terms of tax and corporate operations among many states, with Delaware being preferred by large companies because they have many legal precedents that are favorable to the company and are not taxed on royalties There is. As a result, 66% of the top 500 US companies are based in Delaware. You can easily check the characteristics of each state by the table below.

Delaware Nevada Wyoming
No Personal Income Tax
No Corporate Tax
No Tax on Shares
No Franchise Tax
Minimal Initial Filing fees
No minimum capital requirements
Minimal Annual fees
One-person corporation allowed
Stockholders are not revealed
Share certificates are not required
No annual report
Unlimited Stock is allowed
No Initial List of Officers/Members
No general Business License required
Meetings may be held anywhere
Officers, directors, employees and
agents are statutorily indemnified

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