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As a Korean/American dual national

As a Korean/American dual national, I worked in Korea for several years, so I didn’t […]

After suddenly learning that I had to report taxes to the United States

After suddenly learning that I had to report taxes to the United States, I only […]


They carefully reviewed each steps of the procedure.

Since I started working in Korea, I was not sure how to file a US […]


I recommend this place to those who need to file a US tax return.

I am a US citizen who have lived in Korea since early childhood.
I […]


She gave me a clear explanation and guideline for each steps of the procedure.

While my father was studying and working in US, I was an underaged US citizen. […]


I was able to complete streamlined procedure

I was able to complete streamlined procedure with help of US tax service.
Thank […]


Professional tax service!!

I am very satisfied with their professional work. I think that choosing US TAX SERVICE […]


Excellent tax service and outstanding customer service!!

I would like to strongly recommend Agnes Han, and her firm, U.S. Tax Service, for […]

Google Director

Processing tax filing(FBAR/FATCA) for 2020

First thing i want to say is “Thank you”
I was so worried about […]


meticulous and trustworthy service!

From the very first time i contacted US TAX SERVICE, I was really comfortable with […]


Really good US Tax service

Preparing a complicated and various document is all about communication. US Tax service CPA Agnes […]


I was so grateful for your fast and professional service!!

It was my first time to file a foreign income and foreign financial bank account […]


I have been living in the United Stated for such a……

I have been living in the United Stated for such a long time and i […]


Excellent tax service

It has been almost one year after my whole family got a permanent residence from […]


Fast communication and excellent work handling skills

I was feel distressed with my situation and with the big help of US TAX […]


Thank you for your professional services……

It was nicely done with their professional service within days. I really appreciate everything!!


It was a new start right after i get a permanent citizenship in U.S….

Due to the sudden Covid-19 pandemic, our original schedule to enter U.S was canceled as […]


I was so touched with their kind service

I was so worried about my first tax filing.
in regards to tax, i […]


Prompt tax handling!!

It was quite helpful and prompt service as to tax filing. Especially, I would like […]


After i got a permanent residence from US last year…

Last year, i got a US permanent residence and was first time to file tax […]


US tax service 의 professional

US tax service 의 professional service에 대단히 만족합니다. 지인의 소개로 연락하게 되었는데 저의 복잡한 상황을 […]


I had no idea i had to file a tax return to the United States

As a U.S. citizen who moved into Korea, I paid all my taxes in Korea […]

Lee M***** ***

Thanks for taking care of my tax refund for tax year 2019

Thanks for taking care of my tax refund for tax year 2019. A prompt feedback […]


Completed well of my past years of unreported tax returns and FBARs.

After I came back to Korea, I haven’t been able to report the tax for […]

Kim ****

2019 Tax return Review

It’s been three years since I’ve been with US TAX SERVICE~
I got to […]


Thank you for your quick and accurate service!

Thanks to US TAX SERVICE, we got fast and accurate help.
I was afraid […]

Paul J****

It went smoothly this time as well

It went smoothly this time as well.
It seems that the question was answered […]


Convenient and fast US TAX reporting

As a U.S. citizen living in Korea, I was worried about how to report US […]


Individual Tax Return

I was worried since it was complicated in reporting U.S. taxes in Korea, but it […]


I am satisfied with the reasonable price and kind response.

I have been using US Tax Service for two years since last year, and I […]

K***** Kim

This was my second year of tax return service :]

I’m so glad I got to know US TAX SERVICE.
I think it is […]



I couldn’t visit the office because I was busy, but I was able to complete […]


I got to know US TAX SERVICE with the introduction of acquaintances.

I got to know US TAX SERVICE with the introduction of acquaintances.
The person […]

**** Chio

After hearing about the tax reporting of the dual citizen, I learned about

After hearing about the tax reporting of the dual citizen, I learned about the US […]


It was very helpful finding US TAX SERVICE when I was thinking about what to do with U.S. taxes in Taiwan, not in Korea.

I am a U.S. citizen who came to Taiwan a few years ago after living […]


Don’t look any further than U.S. Tax Service, Great level of customer service and professionalism

Absolutely satisfied with their service! After carrying a heavy burden that I could be penalized […]

S**** M*****

저는 미국 영주권자인 딸아이를 둔

저는 미국 영주권자인 딸아이를 둔 평범한 퇴직 공무원입니다. 제 딸아이 이름으로 한국내에 부동산이 하나 있었는데, […]


세무신고 감사합니다.

제 담당은 유지은 대리님이구요… 뵌 적은 없지만 유선으로 친절하게 답해주셔서 아무 일 없이 세무신고 마치게 […]

G*** Lee

Thank you always for a good service without any worries

I had a headache of worrying about how to report US taxes in Korea, but […]


All staff at US TAX SERVICE

Big Thanks to all the staff at US TAX SERVICE. Because I was not a […]

KIM S*****

Their quick and clean work process is reliable

Their quick and clean work process is reliable. You can trust them to do your […]


Worried minds

Thank you for relieving my worries by helping me with filing FBARs when I found […]


Review of 2017 tax return through US TAX

After working as a post-doctor in the US and coming back to Korea in 2017, […]


The best attentive and meticulous, but fast progression!

While I was looking for a tax professional in both the US and Korea to […]

Lee *****

Thank You.

I was concerned about tax reporting for the first time in Korea, and I am […]


Two consecutive years of good service

I got to know US TA% SERVICE while I was concerning about my financial account […]


Thanks for your hard work, it seems that the 2015-2017 tax report has been well processed

Hello. I was very busy this week in the process of getting to and leaving […]


We’ve got it clear! No penalty! Thank you!

US Tax Service helped me to apply my Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures. I am glad […]

Choi ******


I got to get a tax refund for the year 2017 in Korea. My acquaintance […]


No more worries with US TAX RETURN^^

I was born in the US and have lived as a dual citizen […]


I was amazed at such a satisfying work they’ve done and it was incomparable to a big tax service company

Thank you for your fast and excellent work process. It was my first time filing […]

J-1 Internship Tax Return Testimonial

I was in Silicon Valley last summer for a 3-month internship with J-1 visa. It […]


Two Thumps Up!!!

I have been requesting a tax report through a US accounting firm until last year. […]


Thank you for kindly consulting me in the midst of the tax reporting period

I had to file a tax return to the US for the first time this […]


I would like to ask Agnes for tax reporting next year

I had to file a tax return for the first time this year because I […]


Thank you for your help

I personally have not been able to report to the US for some time because […]


After graduating from college, to first social life

After graduating from college, I had to file my US tax return for the first […]


It was also a good idea to present practical directions in complex situations with multiple variables.

For the first time this year, I have something to do with US tax reporting. […]


Extremely professional and knowledgeable

Extremely professional and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to make sure the filing […]


It was too much help for me

I was born in the United States, spent my childhood until the age of five, […]

Lee *****

Completed my report with prompt and accurate response, faith and faithfulness

I am a citizen who has been in Korea for a long time. Later, I […]


Agnes was most professional and customer-friendly

I did research on several US tax consulting firms in Seoul last year – of […]


Thank you once again for taking care of me

Hello … The weather is getting cold. I can do complicated and difficult tax report […]


I have resolved all my worries so far

From the beginning of this year, I was extremely stressed that I had to abandon […]


Very satisfactorily and introduce it to the US accountant recommendation inquiry in Korea via my blog.

As a US citizen, I was in Korea for 7-8 years while I was reporting […]


Making good use of fast tax processing with reasonable fees.

In the United States, tax payment processing was complicated, language barriers and high tax filing […]

JAY KIM - Start Own Business

Had a lot of paperwork, but it was quick and accurate.

It was so nice to have a detailed and friendly guide to step by step […]


I am more than happy with your long-standing US tax career, accurate and meticulous job handling skills, and customer-oriented detail and kindness.

I am a temporary permanent resident of the United States and I was worried about […]

Yoo***** - General practitioner

Good knowledge of the federal and state taxes

I am grateful for your good knowledge of the federal and state taxes in my […]


Always answering the bother questions with smiling.

Thank you for always giving good advice. Thank you so much for always answering the […]


Easily solved by US TAX SERVICE’s professional help

I kindly consulted you in detail. It was easily solved by US TAX SERVICE’s professional […]


Thank you for your careful handling

I have been forgotten about my wife and I ‘s US accounting report. I have […]


It is a reliable company

Over the past two years, we have been using US tax returns and foreign account […]


Clear solution for reporting my income and bank accounts

You have a clear solution for reporting my income and bank accounts in Korea to […]

Kim ** / Choi ** in Los Angeles, USA

Solved everything I had been suspicious

I met Agnes Han on the internet. One of the difficulties of permanent residents working […]


Satisfied that you were so kind and quick to handle things

I did not know that a permanent resident had to file a tax return to […]


Disappointment of CPAs in the U.S.! I came back to Korea and solved it.

As a US citizen, I was worried about tax reporting and overseas financial account reporting, […]


Thank you very much for your help in online offline

Thank you very much for your help in online offline. While working in Korea, I […]

I will give you lots of word of mouth around!

I was born during my parents’ study in the United States and came to Korea […]

KIM***** - Running Corporation in Korea

Very considerate and prompt in processing my tax-related work

I was highly satisfied as a customer since US TAX SERVICE was very considerate and […]


Provides clear solutions on how to deal with situations depending on different circumstances

I am a U.S. citizen and I manage Korea and U.S. companies. I went to […]

K** - CEO of domestic and U.S. companies

I am always satisfied with their quick response to every detailed question.

I have been working in Korea for almost 7 years and was concerned because all […]


they all did the work for me. I was able to return to the U.S. without any problem.

I was very busy working in Korea and I was worried about my tax returns […]


Since US TAX SERVICE is located in Korea, there is no difficulty of communication due to the time difference

My company has established US branch office with the assistance of US Tax Service to […]

Ka** - Expanding U.S. branch office

made the process complete by following up on every status.

Even after getting my green card, I had no knowledge of tax returns. Since I […]

LG Electronics

I thank Agnes for her great service and I recommend Agnes to all Americans living in Korea.

I am a Korean American who has lived in the U.S. for almost 30 years […]

Pa** - professor at medical school

she not only speaks both English and Korean fluently but also provides a clear solution

As a green card holder who owns a business in Korea and has family in […]

CEO of domestic oriental medical clinic

I am very satisfied with prompt and accurate service

After getting my green card, I looked for a CPA in Korea and requested my […]

K*** - CEO of domestic and U.S. local venture companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

1I am a US citizen (permanent resident) but my income is only in Korea. Do I have to file a tax return?
Citizens (permanent residents) who are classified as US residents under four statutes are required to report income worldwide. Most of the taxpayers except the high-income earners do not pay taxes to the United States because they can receive the foreign earned income exclusion or the foreign tax credit for the income generated in Korea.
2I live in Korea and have never filed my tax return yet. What should I do?
If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you will need to file an income tax return and an overseas financial account statement (FATCA / FBAR) annually. If you are not a high-income person, it is not a big problem to delay reporting your taxes because there are no taxes to apply to the United States by applying multiple deductions, but for overseas financial account reporting, 50% of your account balance or a $ 100,000 fine If you have missed the report so far, you can use the OVDP (Streamlined Procedures) to report and get the exemption or exemption. In particular, FATCA, the Korea-US financial information exchange agreement, is concluded in 2014 and financial information is being substantially exchanged by the end of 2016, and you are aware that the report is missing, it is recommended that you report as soon as possible.
3I heard voluntary reporting system disappears from 2018. Will I still be able to apply for it?
The primary voluntary reporting system, OVDP, ended on September 28, 2018. The IRS announced that they reached the point where there has been an increase in awareness of offshore tax and reporting obligations, therefore has been a significant decline in participation of OVDP as well. However, voluntary reporting system under Streamlined Procedures is still valid. If your failure to file was due to non-willful conduct and if the reason and some of the requirements are met, the best solution may be to proceed Streamlined Procedures where all penalties will be waived. This procedure is not a permanent system that it may be closed at any time. For more questions, feel free to contact us.
4I already filed an income tax return, but I missed my interest income from my Korean account. What should I do?
You can report the correction by using the correction report form 1040X. Taxes that you have to pay, including any missing interest income, will be recalculated, and you can pay the difference if there is less tax. However, in case of revised report, it can not be accepted online, so you must mail it.

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